Oh wow.  I totally fell off the bandwagon.  Both with writing content for this blog as well as living a healthy lifestyle.  I haven’t fallen too far but I’ve definitely fallen.  I’ve still been writing – on Facebook & in my own personal journals.  And I’ve still been keeping active – I’m now a part of a dragonboat racing team & I’m still loving Zumba.  But my goal is to really get back on track.  So I’m starting small. 

 This isn’t gonna be the greatest post I’ve ever written.  It’s totally unplanned but I’m sick of planning.  Planning doesn’t seem to get me anywhere so I’ve decided that now I’m just gonna do.  Nike still has it right – Just do it.

I saw this post on Pinterest about green smoothies and that’s what I decided my small change was gonna be.  It’s not a huge revelation or anything but this is gonna be my start!  Green smoothies are basically smoothies that are made with a 50/50 percentage of fruits and vegetables.  And I like fruits & veggies but I don’t think I’ve been eating enough.  If all goes well this will be a forever thing and if not well, at least it will be a good cleanse (it really does clear out your system if you know what I mean!)

Today I’m on Day 3 and I’m actually feeling pretty good.  I don’t know if it’s the actual smoothie that’s making me feel good or maybe it’s just knowing that I’m doing it but I’ll take what I can get.  If anyone else is interested in green smoothies here’s a quick how-to:


Happy blending!