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I LOVE to read, so naturally I need a place to put all the books I’ve collected over the years!  If you ever feel the need to buy me something either for my birthday or for no particular reason, these would be awesome.  Please and thanks!  Note:  The last one is my favourite!

I came across an awesome chair today.  That’s right an awesome chair.  How, do you ask, can a chair be awesome?  By being a library + chair in one!  As a book lover and interior design enthusiast this is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, and I need to have it!  Though, on second thought, it probably costs an arm and a leg, so maybe I can get my dad to make it for me?  If you’ve got enough to purchase it, you can get it here

Favourite ad…click here

Recipe I wanna try…click here

Place I wanna go to…click here…and here (new location on King St.)

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