Alright, I didn’t start the 10 Days of Tips “tomorrow” as promised, but it was a crazy couple of weeks so I’m gonna start them…right now!  Here goes!

What I learned from this experience is really quite simple: eat healthy 90% of the time and be active.  (Granted, if you have a medical condition or anything like that, you should take all this with a grain of salt because everyone’s body reacts differently, but it worked for me, so I just wanted to share my story.)  In the following days I will be posting one tip a day…so stay tuned!  I know that most of these are repeats from other sites and weight loss tips, but these tips are all from personal experience and in my own words so here goes!

Today’s Tip:

1) Don’t just watch what you eat for the duration of your weight loss.  Change your lifestyle, even if it’s one small step at a time.

If you eat junk food (fast food) all the time now, slowly restrain yourself to a couple of times a week.  Eventually, I didn’t want to eat it at all ’cause I realized how crappy it made me feel after I ate it.  My advice is to try to stay away from it completely but we all know that’s not realistic at times.  Also, saying “I had no choice but to eat it” is not an excuse people!  There are always healthy swaps available, even if it’s something small like getting a veggie pizza slice instead of just cheese, or omitting the mayo off your favourite Wendy’s burger and opting for the baked potato or salad instead of fries.  These little substitutions may not seem like they matter, but they do!  Everything counts.

Come back tomorrow for Tip #2!